Learn and implement the Pull Framework

If you don’t know what the Pull framework is, please read the page START HERE

If you want to know what subscription plan suits you better, then you are in the right place. Let’s start with a summary of the plans:

1. Learn the Framework - Free Plan

In the free plan, you will have access to all the videos and posts that explain the logic of the framework (CORE posts/videos).

Ideas like why the way we do marketing doesn’t work for startups and how we should think about it instead (DeMark), why the way we do customer segmentation ends up with us targeting a lot of the wrong people instead of users that could switch to us (Customer Instances) or why most of the things that we do to improve our funnel conversion actually end up making it worse (Mindset funnel)

The goal of the CORE content is to provide you with new mental models that will help you understand each area of the business in a new way so you can identify blind spots: things that you are currently doing that you shouldn’t and things that you are not doing but that you should.

To choose this plan, click on the button below and select the option called “None” (which is the free plan):

2. Implement the Framework - Individual Plan

If you liked the CORE content of the free plan, you will want to implement it.

To do that, you have the “HOW TO guides”: ultra-detailed, step-by-step implementation Guides that will allow you to implement everything you learned in the CORE content.

The HOW TO guides also include real-life examples and FAQs, so they cover most of the doubts you may have.

And in some cases they include spreadsheets and other templates to make implementation easier and faster.

If you work on Product, Metrics, Marketing, or Growth Strategy, you can start using the guide that is relevant to you to introduce the framework in your company. This will benefit your area and usually leads to other departments wanting to integrate their part, too.

The individual plan, both monthly or yearly, will give you access to ALL the “HOW TO” guides, both the content published to date and all the new ones coming, for as long as the subscription is active.

And when you subscribe you will get a receipt that you can use to charge that plan against your company training allowance.

To choose this plan, click on the button below and select “Annual” or “Monthly”:

3. Full Implementation - Company Annual Plan

The more people in the company know the framework, the more blind spots you can spot in your growth strategy, and the better the team knows how to deal with them.

Usually, teams start implementing one part of the framework first (usually the mindset Funnel) and then implement the rest based on the challenges detected with the funnel.

You can also start in other areas, like Customer Segmentation or Marketing; you choose, and I will help you proceed with the implementation.

The company annual plan includes a yearly subscription for everyone in your company (anybody with a company email), with access to all the CORE and HOW TO guides plus early access to new content, the chance for everyone to ask questions, and the chance to have 1-hour meetings with me to discuss any topic you want. Let’s see each benefit in detail:

- All team yearly subscriptions & Early Access

I will contact the person who gets the company subscription to get the emails of everyone you want to give access to all the content and benefits. (you can also add some people first and the rest later).

Everyone will have access to any content posted on the website, and you will receive emails with exclusive Early Access content so you can ask for additional sections, clarifications, or examples to be included.

In some cases, I will randomly contact a company to explain new content in a private workshop, with time for Q&A so you can leave the meeting ready to implement that.

- Ask questions

Also, I will create a Discord private room (Discord is Slack for Gen Z) for the team to be able to ask me questions.

When you ask a question, the answer can come in one of these two ways:
- Text message in Discord for shorter answers
- I will create (and prioritize) new content or expand existing content if the question is too long for a text message. Then, I will check with the team to make sure the question was properly answered in the new content.

- Chance of 1-hour meetings with Diego

Every week, I will choose 2 companies at random from those that asked at least one question, and I will have a one-hour meeting with them.
(Only if they want, of course. If somebody doesn’t, I will keep choosing until I fill two slots)

You choose what you want to discuss in that meeting; maybe it’s all about the question you had, something else, or both. You choose.

We will record it, and I will share with you any slides we use, the docs we prepare during the meeting, and the recording.

Of course, you can have more than one meeting, keep implementing the framework, and ask questions weekly, and you will have a weekly chance.

Also, when you subscribe, I will contact you to get the company details and issue a detailed Invoice if you need it.

To choose this plan, click on the button below and select “COMPANY Annual”:

4. Personalized Implementation - Consultancy

I work in a highly personalized way with a limited number of companies (max 2 at a time) to help them deal with their trickiest challenges.

Due to this “max 2” limitation, I am usually fully booked, so my recommendation is that you start with the “Company Annual Plan.” While on that plan, we will have the chance to talk, and if you need further help, we can explore the scope and timing of the personalized project.

This option is not available to choose on the “subscribe button” on this website; instead, please reach me on LinkedIn.